Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Gifts

Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Gifts/ Funny Thank You Wordings For Birthday Gifts/ Sample Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Gifts 

A witty and funny message can give a fresh take on the usual “Thank you for the gift” message. A tongue-in-cheek remark for a birthday gift might just light up a more meaningful conversation. So why not try saying thank you in an amusing tone? Here are some funny thank you messages for birthday gifts to choose from.

But make sure you don’t hurt the other person’s sentiments and one word of warning is that you should send these messages to only those who can take a joke. Even so tease and be ready to get teased with these funny Thank you messages for Birthday Gifts. Read on to find the perfect funny thank you message for birthday gifts.

  • Your gift is so unique that I have no words …. I am still under shock!

  • There are so many things that money can’t buy. You could have chosen them instead of this gift!

  • Thank you for your gift. I’ll take it as a return gift. Still waiting for my birthday present.

  • Thanks for the gift. Please forget my birthday next year too.

  • Thanks for the gift. So that means you have had a raise?

  • Thank you for the gift. How much are you getting paid? I mean taxable income.

  • Thank you so much for the gifts. Thank God for facebook otherwise you guys would have conveniently forgotten my birthday.

  • Thank you for the gift. Now who is paying for the dinner?

  • Thank you so much for the gift. Now I can stop being extra sweet to you and start being myself again.

  • Thank you tons for the gift. All that false praise got me good returns.

  • Nice gift. You could have given me the cash instead. I could have bought a better one for myself.

  • Lovely present. How many pennies did it cost? 

  • Thank God I didn’t spend much on the cake. Mine was a profitable birthday indeed.

  • Thank you so much for the birthday gift. It is displayed on the net under the article “what not to gift on birthdays’.

  • Excellent gift. It shows how much you love your money. Not that I’m calling you a miser. 

  • What a lovely gift. You’ll get it all back on your birthday.

  • Thanks for the gift. You’ve gone ahead and proven that good friends don’t necessarily translate to good gifts.

  • Thank you for the gift. Which store did you buy it from? I want to run it over with a bulldozer.

  • Thanks for the gift. My Mom said to always thank the other person no matter whether you liked his gift or not.

  • You are a magician. The joy of unwrapping the gift simply vanished when I saw your present.

  • I wish I could tell you what I really feel about your gift. But one shouldn’t be brutally honest.

  • Your gift is simply perfect. Perfectly silly.

  • Your gift is so cool. It turns everyone’s look into an icy stare. 

  • Thank you for your gift. Hopefully, I have other birthdays to count on. Maybe your choice would have improved by then.

  • Amazing choice. How do you manage to lay your hands on such ridiculous gifts year after year?

    • Thank you for this gift. I just knew you were so thoughtful that you wouldn’t want me to go sock-less for another year. I actually crossed out socks on my shopping list just because of this. Thanks again. 

    • Today, I have more housemates. Thank you for the garden gnomes you sent for my birthday. Sometimes, when the right angle of light cast shadows on them, I feel I am with giants. It would have been great if you were here with me though.

    • Thank you for the cookbook you gave for my birthday. Thank you for reminding me that I am the lousiest cook in town. But I know you meant well. It is time for me to start cooking. Come on over and be my first victim.

    • I am so lucky that my birthday falls on the same month as Christmas. You are so lucky, too that you won’t have a hard time shopping with all the available gifts around that I can get 2 gifts in a month easily.  Thank you for the birthday gift and an advanced thanks for the Christmas gift, too.

    • Thank you for your birthday gift. It just shows how much you really know me and how uncreative the rest of my friends are when it comes to gift giving. I really appreciate the effort, dude. 

    • Thank you for the silly sweater you gave on my birthday. I promise to make you one, too so that we can wear these together. I really want to share that priceless moment with you.

    • Thank you, dad, for the car you gave on my birthday. Although I know that this is the beginning of a million errands, I am very proud to be the coolest looking errand boy of the house with this brand new car.

    • Thank you for the washing machine you gave me as a gift on my birthday.  It’s been a while since I washed all my clothes. Does the hallway smell already? 

    • I am thankful that I have good friends who don’t quantify the amount of gifts I gave them as a gauge for the gifts they give me. I must have done something good or they are keeping tabs.

    • Thank you for not only remembering it is my birthday, but also bringing lots of food and drinks as gifts to help me celebrate this day. I hope it also comes with a dishwashing and cleaning service.  

    • Thank you for spending extra to give me another gift even though my birthday falls on Christmas day. Others would make it an excuse to just give me one! 

    • Thank you for just greeting me and not giving me a gift this year. Your shopping choice sucks big time. Your insulting greetings about my aging is more tolerable than you awful gifts.

    •  Thank you for your humorous gift you bought for me from that novelty shop. Now, please explain the joke.

    • Thank you for the birthday gift even though it was a week late. At least you made the effort to know from our colleagues what the rest of them gave. 

    • Thank you for the new phone you gave me on my birthday. I hope it does not have a spying device.
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