Thank You Messages For Baptism/ Christening Gifts/Christening Gifts Thank You Notes Wordings/ Thank You Messages For Baptism Gifts/ Baptism Gifts Thank You Notes/ Thank You sayings For Christening Gifts 

The few days after baptism or christening of a baby can be overwhelming. As the christening gifts received are all opened it is indeed time to write the thank you messages for the Christening gifts that were given to your baby. 

Before you start make a list of the name of the giver and the gift to make your message of appreciation more personalized and meaningful.Here is a collection of thoughtful and heartfelt Christening gifts thank you wordings which you can use in a thank you card. Read on to find the perfect thank you messages for Baptism/Christening gifts. Also check our amazing collection on thank you messages for attending christening ceremony

If you plan to make a photo album for the Christening day please check our collection on sample photo book titles ideas for Christening. 

  • Your generous gifts on my Christening day are very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing this day with me. You will always be part of my life history.

  • Sharing this day of my Holy Baptism brought so much joy to the entire family. Thank you for your presence and gifts. 

  • Your loving thoughts and presence on my Christening day made it even more blessed. Thank you, uncle.

  • Thank you for taking part in Rachel’s baptism. Your choisce of gift is really lovely. She will definitely look pretty in the beautiful dresses gifted by you.                                     
  • Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us. Your love and support made this possible. We will always remember this.

  • We’d like to express our gratitude for making it to Jamie’s christening day. Thank you for your wonderful gifts! I know she will have fond memories looking at these photos someday when she’s grown up.

  • From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the love and support you gave us on Ellen’s baptism day! 

  • We appreciate all your love and support on Reuben’s baptism day. Thank you for your generosity. The gifts will look great in his new bedroom.

  • Anna’s Christening is made possible by your love and generosity. We thank you so much for your support especially the cash gift you gave which will go into her savings account.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful day or Ethan’s christening. Your presence and generosity are very much appreciated. We hope that more blessings will also come to your family.

  • The love and joy you shared with us on this special day of Danny’s Christening will be forever cherished. Thank you so much. The photos look great, too thanks for organizing the footages.

  • You’ve been very generous on this special day of Sam’s christening. Thank you for your undying love and friendship. May our children grow up as friends someday.

  • Thank you for the joyful spirit you shared during Emily’s baptism. Your generosity will not be forgotten. Even when you were miles away, your webcam presence made us happy.

  • Thank you for being part of Jamie’s baptism. We are fortunate to have someone like you in our lives. Your generosity is overwhelming. Surely someday, we will meet again and share more memories together.

  • We are overjoyed by your love and support during Robert’s christening. Thank you for being such a wonderful uncle and aunty! Your gift was wonderful! I’m sure Robert will have many hours of fun playing with it.
Thank You Wordings For Baptism/ Christening Favors/Christening Favors Thank You Notes/Thank You Wordings For Baptism Favors/Baptism FavorsThank You Notes/Thank You sayings For Christening Favors

Christening or baptism is a day when a child is introduced to the church. It is a lovely and memorable occasion where all near and dear ones witness the sacred rituals that commence the child's walk in the parents' chosen faith. 

It is a customary practice to give baptism favors to everyone who took time to attend this sacred day. To make the christening favors personalised, it would be nice to include a thank you message that shows your appreciation to the guest. The Christening favour should be short, simple, sweet, and heartfelt. Here are sample thank you message wordings for baptism favors.

  • Thank you for your presence during Jasmine's christening on the ___th of (month) Two Thousand and Fifteen. 
  • Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3 Thank you for coming to Baby Stephen's christening day.

  • A baby has a special way of adding joy in every single day. You made this day more special by celebrating Jillian's christening with us. 

  • Thank you for sharing this joyous occasion with us. "A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." Eda J. Le Shan 

  • Your time and presence is the most thoughtful gift of all. Thank you for coming to Hannah's christening. 

  • My christening day was made more meaningful because you were there to celebrate it with us. Thank you very much!  - Baby Daniel

  • This short message will never be enough to show how much we appreciate your presence in my christening day. May God bless you always. - Baby Sarah

  • Thank you for attending my christening celebration. My day became more special because of your presence. - Baby Janus

  • To my family and friends. Thank you for making my christening day more memorable with you presence and generosity. May God continue to bless you! - Baby Allen

  • We thank you for sharing the joy with us during the baptism of our daughter Jannah. Your presence added to the joyful spirit of the occasion. 

  • Thank you for sharing your time  and love with us during Baby Shannon's christening day. Your presence meant so much to us.

  • A baby is a blessing, a gift from Heaven above, a precious little angel, to cherish and to love. Thank you for coming to Baby John's christening.

  • God bless my family, God bless my friends. May all our blessings never end. Thank you for sharing the joy with me and my family on my christening day. - Baby Carl

  • This day is more memorable because of you. Thank you for your presence, love, and generosity on my baptismal day. 

Thank You Wordings For Baptism Favors From Guests/Christening Favors Thank You Notes from Guests 

When you are gifted with baptism favors don't just say simple thank you! Here is a collection of thank you wordings and messages which can be used to  appreciate the effort of the parents for the precious Christening day preparations. 

Show the parents how thankful you are by sending a thank you card, SMS or email with a thoughtful thank you message for the Christening favor you have received. Read on to find the perfect thank you wordings for Baptism Favors from guests.

  • Thank you for the cookie jar favor with baby Mark’s photo on it. We all loved the cookies and I’ll be using the jar to place some potpourri in it. The bapstism favor has indeed got a  special place in our living room. 
  • The cross cookie favor was so adorable, my kids didn’t want to bite on them at first for fear of ruining the design.  Thank you so much for a memorable occasion. 

  • It’s the first mini Rosary I received as a baptism favor. Indeed, prayer is our link to each other. Thank you. I shall cherish it with all my heart. 

  • Thank you for the cross design keychain favor from Emma’s baptism. It should go well with my set of keys. 

  • Those lavender sachet favors keeps my favorite handbag smelling fresh. Thank you so much!

  • Annie’s baptismal Acrylic Cross Charm favor is so adorable! Thanks! It will have a special place in our living area. 

  • That godparent glass set favor with the movie font is so amazing! I love the design with the font of The Godfather movie! Thank you very much! We are proud godparents of Ricky! 

  • We love the personalized baptism candle favor from Emma’s baptism. We’ll forever cherish it and remember how cute she is even when she’s all grown up. Thank you. 

  • That bottle of holy water favor we got from Christine’s baptismal will forever keep us safe. We’ll be placing it on our bed table. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for the personalized hand sanitizer favor. Not only will it keep me clean, but it shall remind me of Danny’s charming face every time. It is one of the most practical favors we received. 

  •  The personalized bottle cap magnet favor will be a great addition to our fridge’s door. Thank you for the lovely souvenir! 

  • That wonderful yet delicate cold porcelain cross favor is a beautiful souvenir from Amy’s baptism. Thank you for such a lovely gift. 

  • Thank you for the adorable angel charm favor. They will forever remind me of my godchild’s special day. I adore angel figures. It’s a plus, too!

  • We thank you for the fragrance sachet favor from Lotty’s baptism. Its scent will always remind us of her cute and cuddly state. It’s a perfect match to the wardrobe closet.

  • Those plantable seed paper favors are the most unique souvenirs I’ve ever received. Thank you so much. I shall put my green thumb to work! I will invite you over when the plants have grown.

Thank You Messages For Godparents at Christening/Thank You Notes For Godparents/Thank You Wordings For Godparents

Godparents are considered the second parents of a child.Their presence is important not only during the christening but also throughout the child’s life. Thank the Godparents with a special heartfelt thank you message. 

This is indeed a perfect time to show your appreciation for the gift given by the Godparents to your child as well as thank them for being part of the momentous occasion.

  • Thank you for the personalized towel set you gave for Edward on his christening day. Most importantly, thank you for agreeing to be his Godparent. 
  • I’m sure Mary will be able to appreciate the gold bracelet you gave her on her christening day. Thank you so much. 

  • Thank you for sharing this joyous day with us. I’m sure John will appreciate that big box of Lego you gave him when he comes of age. 

  • Thank you for being a part of this special day of Rosy. Your bright outlook in life shall guide and inspire her to be a beacon to others, just as you are to her. 

  • We’ll be safekeeping the golden locket you gave Tina on her baptism day. Your generous gift is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

  • You are such a sweet friend! Thank you for that special picture album for Mark’s baptism. Your photos are thousand times better from the pics of the photographer we hired. Thanks a lot! 

  • Even before Alice was conceived, I had you in mind to be her Godparent, and I am so blessed that I did. Thank you for the wonderful gift! It is just amazing! 

  • Thank you for sharing this blessed day of Emma’s baptism. Those charming pair of earrings will be kept safe until she is all grown up and ready to care for them. 

  • You are such a sweet friend, and now a Godparent to Grace. Thank you for the personalized silver bracelet you gave her. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.

  • You are such an awesome Godparent! Thank you for that wonderful baby monitor you gave us. This will truly be helpful in keeping an ‘eye’ over David. 

  • You really make a great Godparent! Those cute little booties set of different designs will be quite useful. Thank you for the love and care you’ve shown. 

  • I was right in choosing you to be Damien’s Godparent! Thank you for sharing this blessed day with us. That pacifier clip set was a really thoughtful gift.

  • Thank you so much for the special Godchild picture frame you gave Noah. This should have a special place in our living area. 

  • Sharing you love and presence on this special day of Tom’s baptism means so much to us Thank you so much. That lovely music box for Tom is quite a charm. 

  • Thank you for the love and kindness you shared with us in this blessed day of Jane’s christening. That petal cross necklace you gave her sure is lovely!
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