Funny Thank You Status Messages for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Funny Thank You Status Messages for Birthday Wishes on FaceBook/Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes On FaceBook

So your FaceBook wall is bombarded with birthday wishes and greetings. Well saying thank you is a must! Facebook has given us so many friends and followers that it would be impolite not to thank your virtual friends for wishing you on your birthday.

Why don’t you give your thank you messages a twist and post these funny thank you status messages for birthday wishes on FaceBook instead.Here is a collection of awesome sample thank you status messages for birthday wishes for your faceBook friends and fans.

  • Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes and messages. I really appreciate your dedication on FB. And big thanks to FB team too for reminding you to remember my birthday.

  • Thank you for flooding my wall. I was addressing facebook and not you friends. After all, facebook reminded you of my birthday. 

  • Thank you friendly people. But do inbox your personal details. I can’t remember having so any frieds. 

  • Thank you so much for writing on my wall. So, when are the gifts also pouring? 
  • Thank you for the virtual wishes. As for treat, do you want a picture of beer on your wall or inbox? Talk about virtual treat. 

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wait, still searching the bottom. 

  • Thank you for showing me that you people have so much free time. Now get back to work. 

  • Thank you so much for filling up my wall. Now my virtual stalkers will have a tough time searching for my posts and updates amidst all those wishes.      
  • Thank you for the birthday wishes. I think you would like to know that I just mistyped my date just to see how much you people know about me. PS, my birthday is four months later. 

  • Thank you. The “you” here being the upper right corner of the facebook wall which shows birthday reminders. 

  • Thank you to all the virtual friends. You virtual treats will be sent to you by the by. 

  • Thank you so much for the wishes. My lifetime friendship is the only treat you people will get. Still on my friends list or unfriended me? 

  • Thank you all of you. Can’t reply to each one individually because my manager anyway thinks I waste my precious time on facebook. 

  • Thank you for the wishes. Now you all can get back to your candy crush and pepper panic. 

  • Thank you for taking some time out to type your wishes. I know candy crush keeps you all very busy. 

  • Thank you for your wishes. A free life on pepper panic is just what I wanted. 

  • Thank you for being friendly friends. Virtually speaking of course. 

  • Thank you for banging your head on my facebook wall. Just to inform you, I was away on a holiday for a week after my birthday so couldn’t reply to all of you. 

  • Thank you for building a monument of wishes on my facebook wall. Please scroll down to see my sensible updates. 

  • Thank you for converting my facebook to the wishesbook. 

  • Thank you all my friends for reminding me that you people are still alive. 

  • Thank you so much for preying on my facebook wall. It looks like a kindergarten kid’s wall now. 

  • Now the whole world and its neighbors know that it’s my birthday. Thank you for making me so popular. Please pat each other’s back on facebook. 
  • Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. By creating facebook you have created so many friends whom I would otherwise ignore in real life. 

  • Thank you all. So, how does it feel to know that you are not blocked? 

  • Thank you for your sweet wishes. Care to join me for a sugar-free tea? 

  • One day of the year when my wall is full of messages - Thanks to Facebook! And thank you all my dear Facebook Friends, you really rock! 

  • Thanks to all of you who took out the time to post on my FaceBook Page today. It really made me look popular today than I really am. 

  • Thanks a lot for your birthday wishes my dear FaceBook friends. They will be of great use to go window shopping! 

  • Thanks for noticing my name today on your FaceBook page. Your birthday wishes are really appreciated. 
  • Thanks a lot for wishing me happy birthday today because FaceBook told you so. Well you took out time to post on my wall. Thanks indeed! 

  • Thank you all for your birthday wishes on My Facebook Page. I spent 24 hours of receiving constant Facebook notifications today. 

  • I don’t know if I should thank you or FaceBook! Well thanks for taking out the time for posting on my wall. 

  • Thanks for your lovely birthday wishes. You really are a FB addict. Thanks to your FB addiction that my wall is full of messages today. 

  • Thank you FaceBook for reminding my friends to wish me on my birthday. Thank you friends for your sweet birthday wishes and the constant faceBook notifications which made me real busy today.

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