Thank You Messages  For Sports Team Members/ Sample Thank You Messages  For Sports Team Members/ Thank You Notes  For Sports Team Members/Appreciation Messages For Team Members

After a tough game or after a sports season, it is a good practice to thank the team. Words of appreciation are more meaningful because it relates to an activity close to their heart. Thank your coach or thank your team members by sending a simple message of thanks when the occasion calls for it. It is like a pat on the back for a job well done. Here are some samples of thank you messages for sports team members. Take your pick and be inspired.

  • You have showed us the meaning of team spirit through your cooperation and gameplay. Thank you for being part of our team.

  • We dreamt, we practiced, and we won! Thank you for being your toughness and perseverance that helped us achieve this victory.

  • In every game season there are high times and low times. Thank you for sticking with the team in victory and in defeat. You are a true team player.

  • Thank you, ________ for selflessly committing your time and effort to practice and train every single day, for challenging the toughest teams in the community, and for making it to the final round. I am proud of you! – Your Coach

  • To our dear coach, thank you for being our strong guide and rudder that steers this team to our victory. You are really the best coach ever! 

  • Thank you, for staying with the team despite all the odds. We have conquered this season and we will never stop training together as we move toward greater goals. 
  • I have always believed that our team is a force to reckon with. Our strength lies in our unparalleled teamwork and guts to keep fighting for the championship title. Thank you for being part of this amazing group of athletes.

  • I thank each and every member of this team for trying your best and giving this game your all. Seeing you play in your best up to the last round of the game makes you all a winner in our hearts. I know the next game will be better than ever. Thank you!

  • Thank you for fighting and staying in the game until the last round. You have demonstrated the essence of true sportsmanship. You gave that other team something to fear in the near future. 

  • You are truly the pride of the school. Thank you, varsity team members, for keeping up the good work and for bringing home the Championship Cup year after year. 

  • To each and every member of this team, I thank you all for taking up the challenge to compete despite all the odds. We have proven to the world that we are truly a tough team to beat when we brought home this world cup. 

  • Thank you for braving this sports tournament by joining and giving your best effort to face your opponents. Your team spirit is unequalled.
  • This season ended with a blast. We would not have made it to the finals without your determination and strong team spirit. Because of your effort, this will not be the last opportunity that we will be fighting together. 

  • We’ve showed them all that that our team is the best! Each one of you deserves a big bonus as our way of thanking you for your effort in bringing pride to our school. Thank you very much, varsity team!

  • Thank you for showing us our potential to be great. Thank you for your rigid training and for continuously believing in us as a team. You are the best coach ever!

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