Thank You Messages For Birthday Lunch

Thank You Messages For Birthday Lunch/ Sample Thank You Messages For Birthday Lunch/ Appreciation Messages for Birthday Lunch/ Sample Thank You Wording For Birthday Lunch/ Birthday Lunch Thank You Wordings

When it comes to your birthday, you know you are loved when you are treated by a loved one, a friend or maybe even an office colleague to lunch. Of course it’s only appropriate to thank them for the kind gesture and a simple thank you note is enough to show them that you recognize the full worth of their action. Here are some sample thank you wordings for birthday lunch that you can use to thank your loved ones. 

  • Dad, that was really sweet of you to fetch me at the office to enjoy a buffet lunch on my birthday. You just made this day extra special. I hope I still have room for food for the party tonight. 

  • Lobsters for birthday lunch! Seriously, can anyone else top that? Mom, you’re the best! Thank you so much for this delectable treat!

  • You never fail to surprise me. I loved how you surprised me on my birthday to treat me to an oyster filled lunch buffet. Thank you so much!

  • Birthday lunch treat, Japanese style. What else can I ask for? Thank you so much for treating me on my birthday. You really know how much I love Japanese food. 

  • I never thought that the roast beef sandwich at the new joint would be a delight. Thanks for this birthday lunch treat. We should go back there next time, my treat.

  • That jaw-breaker burger was pretty grand. Thanks for this birthday lunch treat. I think I’ve had my burger quota for this month. 

  • You’re right, that baby back ribs at the new restaurant was superb! Thanks for treating me for lunch on my birthday!  

  • The servings on that Korean restaurant were really huge. I could barely finish my noodles and barbecue. Thank you so much for this birthday lunch treat!
  • It was the first time I’ve tried Mediterranean cuisine. That was quite a unique lunch treat for my birthday. Thanks dad for introducing my palate to new flavors.

  • I wanted to try everything at that Chinese buffet restaurant, but I can only take in so much food. Thanks for the wonderful birthday lunch treat mom!

  • I wasn’t a fan of sashimi until you introduced it today. Now I can bravely take on any sashimi any day. Thanks for that adventurous birthday lunch treat. 

  • I’m not a fan of Italian food but that restaurant you brought me to changed my mind. Thank you so much for the birthday lunch treat. I think I will insert Italian food on my menu from now on.

  • Unlimited kebabs for lunch. You sure know how to satisfy the meat lover in me. Thanks my friend for this thoughtful birthday lunch treat. 

  • Although I have my reservations on spicy foods, I did enjoy that Thai cuisine we had. That was a different and pleasant experience for me. Thank you for the lunch treat on my birthday. 

  • Chinese lauriats are pretty much my cup of tea. Love it when people treat me with this type of lunch on my birthday. Thank you so much for your generosity. 

  • I just want you to know how thankful I am for that birthday lunch treat at the Mongolian restaurant. I was surprised how delicious their food was. You’re such a sweet darling.

  • Thank you so much for treating me to a fancy yet elegant lunch at the Crown. It was my first time there and really enjoyed the food and ambiance. Thanks for you generosity.

  • Thank you for the birthday lunch you arranged at the local French resto. I never thought I would enjoy French cuisine. You’re such a good friend. 

  • I was thrilled when you treated me to lunch at the Pattio. I’ve only been there once and I’ve almost forgotten how good their food is. Thank you so much for this wonderful birthday treat.

  • Thank you for the birthday lunch treat at the Monster Burger joint. It was unexpected but very welcome. I enjoyed it a lot and enjoyed your company too. Thanks for the surprise.

  • Thanks for picking the tab at lunch today. I’ll consider this your birthday lunch treat for me. You’re so thoughtful. 

  • Thank you for the birthday lunch treat at Max’s yesterday. I enjoyed the food and your company. We should do this again sometimes.

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