Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes

Funny Thank You Messages For Birthday Wishes/ Funny Thank You Notes For Birthday Wishes/ Funny Thank You Birthday Wishes

Poke fun at your besties and friends or relatives with humorous birthday wishes that will bring a smile to their face, hopefully. A dash of sarcasm will make your thank you note stand out from the rest. Surely they can take a joke, can’t they? So here’s to the true litmus test of friendship – funny thank you messages for birthday wishes. 

There’s more to a thank you message than just two words. Be witty and entertain your greeters with a funny appreciation note for their birthday greetings to you. Read on to find the perfect funny thank you note for birthday wishes.

  • Thank you for travelling 4 kms for free cake, food and drinks. Great efforts! 

  • Thank you for making me poorer by a few bucks. Am going to take my revenge soon.
  • So, should I thank you or facebook birthday reminder for remembering my birthday? 

  • Thank you for forcing me to write a thank you note. How else would I know if my writing skills are good or not? 

  • Thank you for your compelling presence. It made me check my bank balance. 

  • Thank you for being a total nut. It made me laugh for turning a year older. 

  • Thank you for wishing me a day before my birthday. Shows your eagerness for treat. 

  • Thank you for wishing me. But that does not guarantee a party. A gift, however, might do the trick. 

  • Thank you for your cool wishes. They were the reason why I gave you icy cold stares. Where’s my gift? 

  • Thank you. What more can I say to your boring birthday wishes? 

  • Thank you so much for your wishes. I am going back to my reading now. 
  • Thank you for the wishes. Even pre-schoolers have a better sense of grammar than you. 

  • Thank you for wishing me. Is the nightmare over or am I still sleeping on my birthday? 

  • Thank you for wishing me. Please join English-writing classes. 

  • I would have thanked you from the bottom of my heart if I had a heart. 

  • Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule and wishing me. Now you can go back to snoozing. 

  • Thank you for your warm wishes. I have baked my birthday cake on them. 

  • Thank you for your sweet wishes. I knew you wouldn’t miss a chance to do something free of cost. 

  • So sweet of you for wishing me on my birthday. I always thought you will make a good politician. You lie so sweetly. 

  • Thank you for your wishes. It must have been tough telling God to do exactly otherwise after those seriously “bless you” wishes. 

  • Thank you for the wishes. I’ll try to remember you when I throw my party. 

  • Thank you for wishing me. How would the earth twirl if you didn’t wish me? 

  • Thank you for your warm wishes. You have proved that you aren’t such a nasty, mean zit after all. 

  • Thank you for wishing me. I knew you would be happy to see me getting older first. 

  • Thank you for your wishes. Did you copy and paste it from last year’s facebook wall? 

  • Thank you for your birthday greetings. I also thank those who took the extra effort to greet me after seeing the notification on their facebook walls. 

  • Thank you for reminding me that I am another year older. Because of that, the drinks are on me tonight. Cheers!

  • Thank you for all the birthday greetings. Incidentally, this is also the day that I accept donations in cash or in kind (food, beer, kinks, house cleaning, etc.). I feel so loved. 

  • Thank you for the birthday greetings. You are also invited to the party, but please do understand that there will be no blowing of candles anymore. I don’t want to call the fire department.

  • First and foremost, I would like to thank Facebook for reminding everyone that it is my birthday today. 

  • I woke up today thankful for all your birthday wishes and gifts as well as for the night of fun and partying. Now all I have left is this mess all over my house and yard! Whose birthday is it next, so I can repay your mighty deeds?

  • Thank you for remembering my birthday, even though I forgot about it. I am touched to know that I have friends who still love to find an excuse to get together for booze and pizza. Let’s forget that I got older, OK? Let’s just party! 

  • Thank you for the greetings and the party yesterday. Let’s just forget that it ever happened so I will always remain 25! 

  • Thank you, facebook friends for greeting me on my birthday and thank you also for tolerating my repetitive replies to all your greetings. It only happens once a year for me anyway. 

  • OMG! You remembered! Thanks for reminding me that I am getting a year older! Maybe if you have forgotten I would have an excuse to stay on the same age for another year. What the heck, let’s drink to that! 

  • Thank you for your birthday greetings and thank God for Facebook! I don’t have to write every single note by hand and mail each one. 

  • I would cross a thousand miles and swim across oceans to tell you how thankful I am for your birthday greeting; but I’m too lazy for the impossible. Thank goodness we have technology.

  • I know you hate mushy messages, but since it is my special day, I grant myself this freedom to show my utmost and warmest appreciation to the most loving beautiful friends I have on earth who greeted me on my birthday. Now, we’re even! Haha!

  • Thank you for announcing to the world that today is my birthday. Now, everyone’s asking, where’s the party? Damn! Now what?

  • I have never been so happy in my life. I received over 500 notifications on my facebook today. Thank you for your birthday messages. I’m closing my account now and will reopen until next year.
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