Thank You Messages For Birthday Gift Card

Thank You Messages For Birthday Gift Card / Sample Thank You Messages For Birthday Gift Card/ Thank You Note For Birthday Gift Card/Birthday Gift Card Thank You Wordings

Birthday gift cards are really great and if you got one for your birthday then sending a thank you note for birthday gift card is a must. Writing a thank you note is a great way to say that you appreciate the kind gesture of the person who gave you . A gift card that gives you freedom to choose what you like, when you want to shop deserves a thank you note too! 

So why wait? Especially when you can take help from these messages written just for you. So go ahead and tell your near dear ones that the birthday gift card is really valuable to you. To help you say the perfect thank you message for birthday gift card here are some sample birthday gift card thank you wordings.

  • Thank you so much for the gift card. It’s my favorite brand and I just can’t wait to splurge on all those trendy dresses. 

  • Thank you for the gift card. Perfect gift. You made my day.

  • This gift card was just what I needed. Can’t thank you enough. 

  • You always know how to select the perfect gift. And this gift card for the premium store is simply perfect. 

  • You’re bookmarked as the most adorable aunt. I loved the book store gift card and have already bought the Booker winning novella. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much for putting a song on my lips. Your gift card was awesome. I downloaded this hummable number and believe me, I’m on cloud 9. Owe it to you.
  • Your gift card made me step in with style. There were fabulous designer heels to die for at the store. If you could only come shopping with me. Thank you so much.

  • Your gift card was the perfect gift for a coffee-holic like me. Needless to say, it has been used promptly.

  • Such a thoughtful gift card made my birthday the happiest one. Thank you.

  • Your gift card made me explore my shopping options. And I’m so thankful to you for making me go in for a different style. I have been getting so many compliments. Thank you once again.

  • If music is the soul of my life then gift card proved to be oxygen. I have been practically living and breathing this soulful album and now I proudly have it in my personal collection. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

  • I can never tire of movies and your gift card was just what I needed. Thank you countless times.

  • Your gift card and its value go together like ebony and ivory on my keyboard. Thank you for thinking of me. It’s a very special gift indeed.
  • Your gift card was the most exquisite gift I received on my birthday. Those pristine pearls were simply perfect and you gave me the access to them. How can I ever thank you enough my dear.

  • Thank you so much for the gift card. I’ve always loved the contemporary designs of the store and now I have the beautiful accessories lined up in my shelf, all thanks to you.

  • Thank you so much for the gift card. All I had to do was to walk in, choose my favorite dress and flash the card at the counter. Simple and perfect.

  • Thank you for giving me the freedom to choose my kind of style. The gift card gets a big thumbs up from me.

  • Quite clever of you my dear. And what a wise decision indeed. You knew I had my eyes set on that wonderful new store didn’t you. Love your brains and love you for the gift card.

  • I received your gift card this morning. It’s so nice of you to remember my birthday and make it so special. 

  • A gift card on my birthday is superb. Rest assured, I’ll make the most of it.
  • Thank you for the gift card. That’s what friends are for. I love you! 

  • I was missing you so much on my birthday. On opening my mailbox I saw this virtual surprise. Your gift card was such a sweet surprise. Thank you.

  • For a person with a sweet tooth, you have made this tempting offer of a gift card. Now you are on my best buddy list. And thank you for such a wonderful gift.

  •  It is said that women can never have enough of dresses to wear. And what better way to say “Happy Birthday” than an amazing gift card that gives me freedom to shop throughout the year. I am beyond happy.

  • What a lovely way to start the day. Can’t thank you enough for this thoughtful, wonderful gift card.   

  • Thank You for the iTunes gift card. I used it to download one of my favourite hit song and I have been really enjoying it. I am so happy that you thought of me and your gift made my day great. Hope to see you soon.
  • Received the Macy's gift card  this morning  and I managed  to get my favourite pink coloured dress. I have been longing to buy this dress. I have been window shopping and was waiting for an  opportunity to grab this dress. Thank you for the special gift. It was the perfect one for me.

  • Thank you for the Borders gift card. I bought the latest New York Times  best seller book with it. I will be thinking of you, when I read every page of it. Thank you so much for the special gift and for thinking of me.

  • I want to take a moment and say " Thank You" for your Starbucks gift card. Though I do not visit Starbucks often, your gift card is extra special to me. I feel blessed to have a friend  like you as you took some time from your busy life to wish and present me a thoughtful gift.

  • It was so nice of you to stop by and present me with a gift card. I am so blessed to have a friend like you and your gift card made by birthday extra special.

  • I am so grateful for your gift card and wishes. You are the best......Thank You!

  • You made a call to wish me Happy Birthday. I opened my letter box and was  surprised to see your gift it. You truly made my day extra special. Thank You and God bless!

  • Thank You for coming to my birthday party and presenting me with a gift card. I truly appreciate your generosity.  I hope you had a wonderful time.  Be blessed!

  • A special thank you for remembering my birthday and sending me a very amazing boutique  gift card. That is something I really wanted. I hope to put it to good use. Thanks a lot!

  • I was thrilled to receive your gift card. I will be using it to buy a beautiful party wear and I'll be buying it  at this weekend sale. I look forward to seeing you soon.  Thanks a ton!

  • Let not the difficulty of writing a sweet thank you note  stop you from writing one. Show your gratitude with an apt thank you message.
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