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Where would we be without love? And the gifts given and received when in love! Enjoy and extend the Valentine’s fever with these lovely thank you messages for Valentines day Gifts! 

Read on to find the perfect heartfelt thank you note and thank you wordings for Valentines Day Gifts. 

  • Thank you so much for bringing love back into my life.

  • Thank you so much for the love that you have showered on me. I love you!

  • Thank you so much for making my day baby. You are the nicest thing that has happened to me in ages. 

  • Such a romantic gift! And that too coming from you! I didn’t know my guy could be so romantic. Thank you so much sweetheart.

  • What a beautiful way to say it. Thank you for the lovely gift. And yes. I love you too. 

  • Thank you so much for your beautiful gift. It makes me feel young again and brought back old memories when we were dating.

  • Your every gift is so special to me. But this is truly exquisite. Thank you love.

  • Thank you. It’s a great feeling to love and to be loved.

  • This is such a beautiful time. I love us together. Thank you baby.
  • You’ve really shown you are generous with your praises and gifts. Why thank you.

  • Thank you for making me feel that I’m truly blessed to have you in my life. Baby I don’t want any gifts. I just want you and me together always.

  • Thank you. Both for coming to my life and for your thoughtful gift.

  • Thank you for such a lovely gift. I’m so sorry I couldn’t think of an equally beautiful gift. Can I take you out for dinner?

  • I didn’t know I could love someone so much and be loved by someone too. Thank you for everything.

  • Thank you for showing me that love grows as much as it is shown.

  •  Thank you for adding that loving feeling in the air. Your gift is simply superb.

  • Thank you for being such a clown. I had almost forgotten how to laugh. I loved your gift. I love you.
  • I’ll always remember Valentine’s Day as our day. Thanks to you.

  • I’ve never had such a wonderful time in my entire life. Thank you countless number of times.

  • Thank you for making my life like a fairy tale. I will always love you.

  •  Thank you for making me believe that dreams do come true.

  • You are my fondest wish come true. What more do I need from life? I have you and don’t want any gifts. You are my greatest gift baby.

  • Thank you so much for your gift. Did you know I’ve kept all your gifts in a box? Just so that I can see them and think of how much you love me. Thank you once again.

  • Of all your gifts, your love is the best. Thank you for being yourself.

  • I don’t care how expensive your gift is. I just know that it’s priceless because your love is added to it. Thank you for the wonderful gift.

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