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If you are looking for special collections of thank you messages for friends then finally you have found the right spot! We have an excellent collection of samples thank you messages that you can send to your dearest friends.

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The bond of friendship is such that it goes beyond what words could ever express. Friends come into our lives, almost like a stroke of destiny, and enrich our lives forever. 

Here are some ways to say you appreciate this bond of togetherness, understanding and being there for each other, called friendship.

  • From pimples and lipsticks to career choices and notes; from just friends and good friends to boyfriends and breakups – we’ve been through it all together. That’s how I want it to be always and forever. Thanks pal.

  • Life and times keep on changing. But in spite of the roller coaster ride, I have my own rocksteady factor – you. What more can I say except - thank you. 

  • I feel so happy knowing that I can share all the madness that the world gives. With you around I can simply shout back to the world – bring it on! Thank you so much for being my BFF!!

  • Now who else can listen attentively to my nonsense chitter-chatter and philosophical rumblings with equal care? Who else but you! And all I can say is thank you, thank you my dear friend.

  • I can’t believe I’m the same bundle of nerves that walked in to the class in a foreign country. What is truly unbelievable is that I’m so confident and comfortable even in a new country and different people. Thanks for making me feel at home here. You are my best friend in the entire world.

  • I know you think we’re too old to celebrate friendship day but when I think of the times we’ve shared together I feel that we rock as the crazy buddies. Who says we can’t celebrate our crazy friendship? Thank you for being my best buddy forever!

  • Your friendship to me means never-ending journey of companionship. Thank you for being my closest companion my dear pal.

  • Today I just wanted to tell you that your friendship is precious to me. Thanks for being my most invaluable friend.

  • I know you think it’s totally unnecessary to say thank you to a friend but I want you to know I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You are the one genuine person whom I can rely on. You are my best friend. Thanks for being there for me.

  • Hello there my 4am friend. I call you that because I know that even at an odd hour if I call you, I know you will be there for me. Thanks buddy.

  • Happy or sad, you are the one I turn to first and foremost. Thanks pal.

  • It may sound clich├ęd to you but it’s true for me – God sent you as my guardian angel dear friend. Thank you.

  • You were with me when I really needed someone to hold on to. Thank you so much - name!

  • I can never thank you enough for being such a wonderful and caring friend. Thank you so much for being with me in my joys and sorrows! 

  • I love you my dear friend - name , and I hope you never change. I thank you for everything that you've done for me.

  • I cherish our friendship, and you can have the assurance that I'll always be there for you. 

  • Thank you so much for being with me when I needed a friend.

  • No matter what happens, I'll always stay by your side, just like the way you've been there for me. Thank you for considering me as part of your family.

  • I've never had a sister and I thank you so much for letting me treat you as my own my dear friend. You are really a special gift from God! 

  • Dear friend, how could have I survived without you? You were always there to make sure that I stay completely safe, thank you!

  • My dear best friend, I love you so much, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything.

  • My one and only friend, I can never stop loving you as family. You're one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I thank you so much for that.

  • Ever since the time I've seen you, I knew that you will always be a family to me. Thank you for caring and loving me for what I am! 

  • You've been my best friend for years, and I can never thank you enough for giving me the support that I've always needed. I love you a lot my dear friend! 

  • I know it can be really challenging to understand me, but you were always ready to lend a helping hand. Thank you so much! 

Truly, friendship knows no age or barriers of countries nor boundaries of time. So whenever you feel like it, say thank you to your friend. 

Thank You Messages For Friendship Day/Sample Thank You Messages For Friendship Day/Thank You Notes For Friendship Day

Friendship day is a special day for friends. If you have got a happy friendship day message from one of your friends, you need to reply back with a thank you message to let him or her know that you care about him her or her as much as they do. Here is a collection of thank you messages for friendship day messages.

  • You make me really very happy. I am indeed blessed to have such a wonderful friend like you in my life. Thank you so much for being there. Happy Friendship Day to you my best friend.

  • My life wouldn’t have been this great if you were not there. Thanks for being such a true friend. Happy friendship day to you my dear friend.

  • You have supported me in all the tough times that I have ahead. I hope everyone has a friend like you to make everything so easy. Thank you 

  • Whoever thinks that a girl’s best friend is a diamond doesn’t have a friend like you. You are precious. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks for never asking reasons or justifications when all I wanted was for you to be there. I hope you never go away from. Happy friendship day.

  • People who think there are no ‘Thank You’s’ in a friendship are wrong. I really can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing and adorable friend. Happy friendship day! 

  • The best part of having a friend like you in my life, is that, I will always have crazy fun days to look forward to. Thank you and happy friendship day.

  • There is no other person with whom I can share my secrets and all my fears with. Thanks for being there as such an amazing friend. Thank you and happy friendship day.

  • All the worries in my life are halved even at the thought of you. All the joys in my life are doubled because you are a part of them. Thanks for being my friend.

  • If it weren’t for you, we might not have been friends. Thanks for being the pillar of our friendship. Happy friendship day.

  • If friends like you would have with a price tag on them, I would surely have been a millionaire. You are precious my friend. Thanks for being there.
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