Thank You Messages for Housewarming Party/ Sample Thank You Messages After Housewarming Party

Your new home is a dream come true. And the celebration doubles when you share the joy of shifting to your new home with your family and friends. But after the housewarming party, don’t forget to thank your near and dear ones for their gifts and blessings. 

Show appreciation to your friends, relatives and colleagues with a well written thank you note along with the perfect thank you gift for the housewarming party.Here is an excellent collection of thank you messages after housewarming party. 

  • Our housewarming party would have been incomplete without you. You have always encouraged us to dream big. Thank you for your beautiful gift and the positive energy you infused in our home. Thank you so much.

  • Lovely having you around for the party. And that home-made …… was especially fabulous. Do share the recipe with us. Thanks dear.

  • Thank you so much for adding zing to the party. Your music collection is indeed enviable. And that vase you gifted us is simply incredible. Thanks buddy.

  • Thank you for coming to our housewarming party at such a short notice. Your (gift) is unbelievably beautiful and something that we will love to use for years and years. 

  • Thank you for your lovely surprise gift. We were relaxing after the party when we saw the gift-wrapped (gift). It was lovely. Truly precious. Just like your friendship.                                      

  • I admire your thoughtfulness at gifting such a useful item. It’s really handy and very convenient to use. Who else but you could have thought of such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much.

  • Thanks for stopping by at the party. Guess what? I’m already using your (gift). It’s an amazing thing actually. And I plan to always keep it in stock. Thanks once again.

  • Thank you so much for helping me out for the housewarming party. I couldn’t have managed it alone. Thanks to you, the party went smoothly. Thank you for being so kind. Let’s go for dinner/lunch some time? Do let me know whenever you are free.

  • Thank you so much for dropping by. We should meet up more often. Looking forward to chatting with you.

  • Thank you for the lovely flowers. It was such a calming influence to see them the next morning, greeting us in all their beauty. Thank you once again.

  • With your support we have finally shifted to our home sweet home. We can’t thank you enough for all the help and generosity you showered on us all along. We would really like it if you could join us for dinner. Thank you so much once again.
  • Thanks for the beautiful gift. Everyone was simply raving and ranting about the colour and the style. Awesome gift. Thanks pal. 

  • It was lovely having you and your family at the party. Thank you for your time. Your presence has made my day a memorable one. Will catch up with you in few weeks time.

  • Thank you for taking time to visit us yesterday. I appreciate your presence and your thoughtful gift.  You gift was something that we looked forward to buy for our new house. It was wonderful to have you with us  to grace the joyful occasion.

  • It was nice having you with us during our housewarming party. Your presence made my day complete.  I take this opportunity to thank you for your blessings and warm greetings.

  • Presence of you and your family members meant a lot to me. Your presence made our housewarming party even  more special.  Thanks also for your thoughtful gift. I will soon get in touch with you with another invitation for dinner.

  • On this special occasion, I would thank you for making my day extra special with your presence. I know how busy you are with your work, but you set it all aside to attend my housewarming party. Thanks a lot.

  • Our sincere thanks for your presence, warm blessings and thoughtful gift. Looking forward to seeing you all soon for another joyous occasion. Thanks a ton. Regards !

  • Straight from the heart, I want to tell you that your presence and thoughtful gift made my day extra special. Your presence is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • It was such a pleasure seeing you at the housewarming ceremony. Thank you for your gratitude and beautiful gift. I'll see you soon.

  • Our housewarming party wouldn't have been so great without your presence.  It was great to have you with us. Thanks for your terrific gift. Once again, thank you for your presence.

  • Thanks for your gracious presence yesterday at our housewarming party. Your gift  was truly amazing. Once again, thank you for attending and making our function a great success. We are looking forward to have you with us for lunch once we are settled in.

Simple thank you messages can make your guests feel appreciated after a housewarming party. Don't forget to write one as soon as your party is over. It may seem tiring to write a note after a long day, but for your guests it means appreciating their presence, wishes and gifts.  

So go ahead and use these thank you  messages after your housewarming party to convey your thanks to youe family and friends. 

Thank You Messages for Housewarming Gifts/ Sample Thank You Messages For Housewarming Gifts

Having a new house is the time to celebrate.  You invited all your friends, relatives  and colleagues for the occasion. They accepted your invitation and gave you gifts. Now what?  It is the time to thank them with a well written thoughtful and heartfelt thank you message. 

Here is a excellent collection of  sample thank you messages  that you can use to thank your guests for the housewarming gifts.

  • I am over the moon as my dream has finally come true. Thank you for attending the housewarming party and  for helping me celebrate this occasion. A special thank you for  the beautiful framed picture of a landscape. I'll be inviting you again for dinner during the spring.

  • It was so kind of you to drop by with a lovely candle set. It looks great in our living room and it came in handy when our power supply was cut off due to short circuit. Thank you so much for taking time to stop by during our ever memorable occasion.

  • Dear Mr and Mrs Thomas, Though we thanked you during our reception, my family and I would specially thank you for the beautiful antique gift. How did you know that I loved antiques? My family and I really loved having you with us during the special celebration.

  • There is simply no words to say how grateful I am to you as you took your time away from work to help us for our housewarming party. Thank you so much for the gift that made us feel extra special. 

  • You helped us find a new and affordable home that is just closer to the subway and schools. Thank you so much for accepting my invitation and surprising me with a gift during our housewarming party. It was a real surprise for us to find a new television set in our living room.

  • Thank you for attending  our housewarming party.  I was delighted to see your thoughtful gift. The colour and style of your gift has won the admiration of many.  We appreciate your gift, but most of all we appreciate your presence.

  • A  special thank you from all of us for the very special gift, thoughtful wishes and your presence for our housewarming ceremony. Your lovely gift has found its place in our dining room. I'll be inviting you soon for a tea party. 

  • It was so kind of you to drop by with freshly baked bread basket yesterday. They came in handy for our breakfast today and it helped us without any hassle of unpacking our cutlery sets. I would like to invite you again for a meal once we are settled here to know you and your family members better.
Let not the lack of right words stop you from writing a thank you note for the housewarming gifts.  It need not be a very formal letter, but a simple letter to say how much you appreciate the gifts of your guests.

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