Thank You Messages For Birthday Return Gifts

 Thank you Messages For Birthday Return Gifts/ Thank you Note For Birthday Return Gifts/ Thank you Wordings For Birthday Return Gifts

Birthday party favors bring delight to those who attended the party. Even adults feel like a kid again when a token is received for being a guest. If you have received one, send the host a short “thank you” note to acknowledge and to show appreciation for the effort made. Here are some sample messages for Birthday return gifts. 

1. I was pleasantly surprised by the gift I received from you. As a coffee mug collector, it’s perfect for me. Thank you!

2. Awesome return gift from your office birthday party! Thank you very much.

3. I could use a new classy pen and your gift came just in time. Thanks

4. Thank you for the gift. I am so glad I was the recipient of your ultimate package this year. It’s a dream come true.

5. Although the shirt was too large, I am still thankful for the gift. My brother liked it and it fits him perfectly. Thank you.

6. I now have a classy planner at my desk. Thanks to you!

7. Who would have thought that birthday loot bags could still excite an adult? Well, I did! Thanks!

8. Of all the birthday parties I have attended, your party favors are the best! Thank you.

9. The package was small but the gift was so adorable and I will cherish this for a lifetime. Thank you.

10. Thank you for the cute teddy bear clips you gave after your party. These are so pretty, I used them on my office planner.

11. Whoah! Those party favors are wild! Your personality really shines through even in small details like those. Thanks!

12. Your party return gift made your birthday even more unforgettable. Thank you!

13. Thanks for the goodie bag. Your graciousness is beyond words. What a perfect host and celebrator!

14. Thank you for a fabulous birthday party with an equally fabulous giveaway. You’re the best birthday celebrator, indeed!

15. I should be thanking you for your fantastic party, but the thrill did not end there. Your party favor extended the fun. Thanks!

16. As if the party weren’t enough, there were party favors to beat! Thank you!

17. Thanks for the party return gifts. The unique design speaks loudly of your personality. Awesome!

18. Here’s a “thank you” for a “thank you” birthday party favor. The gratitude never ends. May you be continually blessed.

19. We would like to thank you for the very nice bottles of homemade scented candles you gave during your birthday party. May your life continue to grow and glow.

20. The potpourri return gift you gave during your party is so good. Whenever I enter my room, I remember you. Thank you!

21. Thank you for the delicious cookies you gave as gifts for attending your birthday party. I am sure to order some batches pretty soon.

22. Your birthday party favor was so unique, it is now a conversational piece. Thank you very much.

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